The Importance of Having a Home Emergency Kit

Sep 29, 2021

Natural disasters and power outages are unpredictable and can have a devastating effect on you, your family and your home if you’re not prepared. Your first step in preparedness is putting together a home emergency kit full of essentials so you’re ready when disaster strikes.

Important Documents

You should always keep copies of important documents in a safe, waterproof container. If the originals are destroyed, it can take months to get everything back again. Make sure to include the deed to your house, proof of insurance, medical records, passports, social insurance numbers, a list of important contacts and any other important documents you can think of. You can also keep a digital copy on a secure website or Dropbox, which you know you can access from anywhere.

Survival Items

If something happens to your house, you never know how long it will take to get back up to normal. Pack some bottled water and non-perishable food items in your emergency kit, such as granola bars and dried fruit and nuts. Always make sure to include flashlights and extra batteries (and switch the batteries out every few months to ensure they’ll work), as well as some first aid supplies like aspirin, bandages and dressings and antibiotic ointments.

Backup Generator

Backup generators are a great idea for short-term emergencies and power outages, such as those that can occur during a snowstorm. Having a backup generator means you’ll be able to stay warm in the cold weather, and keep your refrigerator running so you don’t waste food. You can get portable generators of between 5 kw to 15 kw, which will provide enough power for a few lights, your refrigerator, your HVAC system and a TV for a short period of time.

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