Opening Your Cottage for the Summer

Apr 27, 2021

It’s almost Victoria Day weekend. And you know what that means – cottage season!

If your cottage has been in hibernation all winter, now is the perfect time to get it ready for the summer. Here’s how:

1) Make sure your cottage insurance is up-to-date; if it’s not, make sure to call your insurance broker
2) Check for potential issues you may have identified when you closed it up in the fall
3) Check power lines and phone lines to make sure nothing has been damaged over the winter
4) Look for signs of break-ins or vandalism
5) Do a walk around to check your cottage’s exterior including the roof, siding, windows, doors, deck and patio
6) Check for any unwanted pests throughout your cottage and under your deck
7) Make a list of landscaping work you need to work on over the next few weeks
8) Inspect for water leaks or cracked water pipes
9) Plug in all of your appliances and make sure they’re all working properly
10) Make a list of supplies you’ll need for the season ahead such as first aid kits, candles and batteries
11) If you use gas for any appliances, check gas lines for damage before re-connecting them
12) Test your hot water heater to make sure it’s working
13) Clean out your gutters to prevent flooding in your roof
14) Test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries if needed
15) Cut any large tree branches that pose a threat to your cottage

Contact us to find out more about seasonal/secondary residence insurance from Oakville Insurance Brokers!

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