The Importance of Having Snow Tires on Your Car

Dec 19, 2021

While snow tires aren’t mandatory for Ontario drivers, they’re definitely a good idea. And as the winter weather starts to pick up and the roads get more dangerous, here’s why you should consider snow tires – if you haven’t already.

1) Better traction

Snow tires have different tread design than summer tires or even all-season tires. Snow tires have grooves the help push snow, ice and slush away from the tire’s surface so your tires can better contact the road. Plus, the material most snow tires are made out of is designed to perform better below about 7 degrees Celsius.

2) Better braking

During the winter, it’s not enough to rely on your car’s ABS braking system or traction control. With snow tires, these systems work with your braking system to provide the best combination for braking on snow and ice. All-season tires may lock up or skid, while snow tires dig into the snow and ice.

3) Extend the life of your tires

If you have winter tires and summer tires, both sets will last much longer than if you use one set for the whole year. Using winter tires will give your summer tires a break – and prevent any early wear from the tough winter conditions. You can also choose to switch out your wheels for black steel ones for the winter, keeping your alloy wheels safe from salt and snow.

4) Insurance discounts

As of January 1, 2016, all insurance companies in Ontario have to give drivers discounts on their insurance if they have winter tires. There are a few stipulations for drivers to be eligible for the discount: you have to use winter tires between November and April, and you have to have a full set of four winter tires. With this discount, you could be saving 2% to 5% on your annual car insurance costs.

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